What Dispensaries Are Planning for 4/20, and How Can Your Business Take Advantage

//What Dispensaries Are Planning for 4/20, and How Can Your Business Take Advantage

What Dispensaries Are Planning for 4/20, and How Can Your Business Take Advantage

It’s a Black Friday Kind of Retail High for Cannabis Dispensaries on 4/20

The cannabis world is buzzing and brimming with excitement in preparation for the industry’s biggest holiday, April 20 (otherwise known as 4/20). This day is and has always been one of the biggest for dispensaries and retail cannabis shops, with many stores pulling out all the stops to make it a day to remember.

Marijuana business owners across the country are gearing up for the industry’s biggest sales event of the year: 4/20. Dispensaries can generate three to four times their daily revenue totals on April 20 – the cannabis equivalent of Black Friday for retailers.

So how can you take advantage of this? We have rounded up some ideas from dispensaries on how they plan to celebrate 4/20:


  • Brands are providing dispensaries with cool swag to give away with applicable purchases or via contest and raffles. Events and free giveaways are a great way to boost your sales and create brand loyalty with new customers.
  • You may not be able to give-away products that contain THC, but you can give away CBD products. Some are clever enough to start a CBD give-away promotion.
  • Remember, you can also partner with your vendor to product non cannabis products for promotional giveaways while promoting their brands like vape pen batteries.
  • Some dispensaries are offering lottery-style scratch tickets that reveal a special “free” product for paying customers, with the top prize being a non cannabis product or accessory.
  • Offer a Golden Ticket for patrons and they can spin for a discount offer such as 25% Off any Vape Cartridges, 50% Off any Shatter, or Free Pre-Roll Paper.

In-Store Promotions

  • Every hour, the store will be holding a raffle drawing for a $1 ounce of cannabis flower. That’s right, an ounce of cannabis for just $1! This is a great way to get people to continue to come through your doors each day.
  • If you’ve got strong brand loyalty, use the power of your customers to spread the news of your specials. Highlighting “surprise” deals and “mystery” perks can create a sense of intrigue and attract curious customers who want to see what you’ve come up with.
  • AMA: Ask Me Anything Q&A sessions with great product makers and influencers. It really gets the customers to connect with these highly respected and  influential tastemakers in your area.
  • Invite an influencer from your region and offer a meet and greet with your guests.
  • In-store demos and education are very much appreciated by novices. Make education fun by having how-to courses such as rolling, growing techniques, and dabbing lessons. Of course, product consumption on premise could be prohibited, so you may need to use visuals such as videos or images to demonstrate your points.
  • Launch an on-going customer photo post by having them tag you and use a specific hashtag to show on your social media news and story feeds. You can also use these images at a later date to use for your marketing needs.
  • Setup bundled deals and packaged products into packages at designated retail shelves to draw attention to the deals. These are usually towards the front entrance of the store.
  • Let students, seniors and veterans sign up for a special Student Discount, Senior Discount, or Veteran Discount Card. Your card may offer 5-15% discount offers for their purchases.


  • Various brands will be 20% off, including vapes, edibles, concentrates, topicals, and flower, so post your specials on your social network to get your fans to come through your doors.
  • Price Match Guarantee: Meet and beat your Competition with a “We will match and beat the competitor’s same product and price by 5%, guaranteed! Just bring in an example of their promotion or ad. (It must be a special going on now and not expired.)”
  • Offer BOGO Deals, grab bags, and other enticing specials such as Build-Your-Own-Preroll-Pack, assemble grab bags full of goodies (such as a preroll, a gram, an edible, and some stickers) available for a set price to create something fun and alluring to attract foot traffic.
  • Got inventory to clear up? 4/20 is a great excuse to clear some of your inventory, especially any tough-to-sell products you have that are taking up precious shelf space. Create combinations of flower and that are approaching the end of their freshness with concentrates and accessories. Make sure they are bundled in packages to make it easier to buy.
  • A great way to offer discounts and achieve your marketing objective is to capture reviews. Have your customers show their Yelp, Facebook, or Google review and they receive an instant 10% off their purchase. (Note, you are not providing incentives for a positive review, you are just promoting the act of reviewing.)
  • Who doesn’t like convenience? You can offer FREE DELIVERY for the next purchase to give an incentive and keep them coming back next time.
  • Like FREE DELIVERY above, you can offer gift vouchers for a future purchase. Make sure the gift vouchers are allowed under state and local laws.
  • Offer a free product and a certain product is purchased. For example “Free Vape Pen Battery for Any Vape Cartridge Purchases over $100.”

Event Festival

  • Some dispensaries are getting their vendors and local businesses involved by hosting a 4/20 festival, filled with music, prizes and treats.Consider partnering with local canna-friendly businesses to make the most of your sales while also garnering goodwill with your neighbors. Be sure to secure the necessary permits with your local jurisdiction.
  • A key to any great event is awesome music to create the right kind of vibe. Whether this means enlisting local bands or booking a local DJ, make sure that your event is rocking to spice up the party.
  • Dispensaries are embracing the “Total Wellness” message are hosting free yoga and meditation sessions outside of their store location. This is a great way to treat people to something healthy, holistic and on brand with your offerings.
  • Others want to create a total fun ambiance by providing a bounce house, live glass-blowing demonstrations, multiple band performances, stoned yoga, henna tattoos, and even a planetarium yurt!
  • And let’s not forget the munchies. If you don’t have a large event and food budget, you can save dollars by getting your local food trucks to park outside your dispensary to provide delicious bites for those seeking food.
  • Speaking of food, everyone looks an old fashion BBQ with the smoke in the air and music going, your guests will continue to stay around to enjoy the festivities you’re offering.
  • If your budget allows, partner up with a local bakery or bakery chef and offer free desserts and refreshments. You can negotiate a discount by promoting their business to your store patrons. It especially works if it’s a nearby business.
  • Have your budtenders and preferred vendors provide an educational series on specific products and strains. This includes vendor demonstrations.

Stock-Up on Crowd-Pleasing Products

  • Don’t let frugality prevent you from making your best revenue because you ran out of popular products. Choices Distribution carry an array of crowd-pleasing products that simply move off the shelves! Contact us today to get stocked up for your special 4/20 promotions.
  • Dispensaries from more mature markets in Washington and Colorado are doubling to tripling their product orders to meet the demands that come with a 4/20 event. Make sure your customers are not disappointed with depleted supplies by making sure your inventory has plenty of the crowd-pleasing products.

Take Advantage of the 4/20 Traffic With Marketing Tactics

  • Did you know that customers in loyalty programs return twice as often? By creating a rewards program, you’ll encourage repeat customers and build a rapport with your clientele. A punch card loyalty program is a great incentive for customers to continuously return to your business. Instead of traditional paper punch cards, go with a mobile solution. There are plenty of mobile rewards programs offered.
  • With the above point, you can’t build a successful retail business on customers who come into your store once because of a sale and never return. Instead, get more revenues from your loyal customers by implementing loyalty programs to get them shopping with you more often.
  • Make sure you have setup review-ready screens for your customers to provide raving reviews at the location. Better yet, your customers can prove they provided a review and they will obtain a discount for a product.Increasingly, new foot traffic to business starts with a review search–either Yelp, Foursquare, or Google Reviews–so explicitly targeting this traffic with review-site-specific promotions (10% off for Yelpers) both drive traffic through the door and also primes the customer to have a good experience and in turn leave you the review you’re seeking. (Note, you are not providing incentives for a positive review, you are just promoting the act of reviewing.)
  • Everyone loves to take part in a good deed. Connect your event with a charity drive for a beloved cause and get your customers behind it.
  • Capture emails from raffles and point of purchase so you can remarket to your customers with deals and specials at a later date.
  • If your state and local jurisdiction allows, offer $50 gift cards for purchase.

A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships

The influx of 4/20 traffic should provide a residual bump in traffic to your location through the weekend. On April 20th, offer your customers an incentive to return to your location after the holiday concludes.

When your customers have a good time and they feel safe, they will surely come back and bring their friends. They’ll share the experience with others and you will gain a following from this new raving fan. Best yet, when more people come to accept marijuana as a means for health, healing and happiness – we all win in the industry as we work to remove the stigma associated with this wonderful plant.

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