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Let us not forget that the cultivation of the earth is the most important labor of man. When tillage begins, other arts will follow. The farmers, therefore, are the founders of civilization.

Daniel Webster

Great cannabis products must first come from great flower.

Cultivators spend most of their time nurturing their crops, preparing for the perfect harvest. The timing of the harvest is often one of the trickiest parts for growers, coupled with seasonality, climate and everything else that affects the cannabis plants.

Between looking at pistils and watching for trichomes, the last thing on a cultivator’s mind is getting their perfected crops to market.


Happiness held is the seed.
Happiness shared is the flower.

Product Quality

  • Lab Testing

  • Compliance Consulting

  • Packaging

  • Storage

You have spent your time, nurturing and cultivating your crop to sell. After a successful harvest, your biggest dilemma will be ensuring product quality.

Product quality during harvest, when picked up by a distributor and sold to a manufacturer or retailer affects your bottom line. From plant testing to compliance reporting, we got you covered.

Sowing Your Business

  • Transportation

  • Distribution

  • Storage

  • Fulfillment & Assembly

  • Sales & Marketing

Harvesting Your Growth

Getting your products efficiently and effectively can be costly for growers, especially when their cultivation operation requires around-the-clock attention. Our Choices Distribution services will help you capitalize your savings on expenses such as infrastructure, facilities and extra storage, additional security and surveillance, and the human and capital resources necessary to get your product from farm to buyer.

In addition to expedient time to market, you will gain near immediate access to our portfolio of target buyers. Now that’s a business model worth cultivating.