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We believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This embodies our purpose of bringing unparalleled value to growers, manufacturers and retailers through connecting people.

Our greatest honor is seeing customers soar to greater heights because of their collaborations and resulting ingenuities.

When people come together, ideas swirl and business happen.

A tradition of handshakes.

We started out making great cannabis products and meeting even greater people along the way. Each handshake made transpired into lasting friendships that thrived and evolved into greater opportunities over the years.

We quickly appreciated the power of a simple handshake and what it meant to connect.

Today, we continue this tradition of handshakes by connecting growers to brands, brands to retailers and retailers to consumers. Each shake along the way grows the network of passionate cannabis professionals who bring to the world incredible products.

Life, and business, is a matter of choices.

Through our storied history of cultivation, product innovation and retail sales we made many choices along the way. We choose to continue our tradition of handshakes as we go. We choose to tirelessly bring people together to create exceptional business value and opportunities. We choose to make those in our network more successful as a whole than they could be alone.

The choices we made defined our purpose in business and our aspirations in the market.

However way you shake hands, let’s grow your business.